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Additional Services


Toll-free provisioning

As Cove Central is part of the nation’s largest VoIP network, we support organizations across the U.S. for 3.5 million toll-free numbers. We have access to dashboards and APIs to support rapid provisioning of toll-free numbers so you can be up and running with just a few clicks of a mouse. By leveraging several of the nation’s largest toll-free networks, we have the capability to completely remove a network from route in the event of a service interruption or outage. Our toll-free service is available in Canada, 50 contiguous US states, and the Caribbean.


Did you know as much as 50% of consumers want to be able to text business phone lines or toll-free numbers?  And over 57% of adults are willing to do business via mobile?  Business SMS/Text messaging to your landline. Find out more!

  • Send text appointments to your customers

  • Receive text messages from your customers who need to place an order

  • Show property photos via text

  • Receive text messages from your customers who are dropping off their car at your dealership before your business opens


Cove Central uses the award-winning 3CX software as its PBX platform. 3CX offers the most secure, seamless, out of the box integration with several applications for a true Unified Communications experience. Whether you’re a hotel looking for a phone system to integrate with your PMS system, such as Protel or Micros-Fidelio, or need flawless compatibility with your company’s CRM (google Contacts, Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho and others), we can make integration quick, easy and a joy to work with. We can also integrate with other applications such as monitoring, integration and security solutions by third party vendors.

digital transformation

In its simplest form, digital transformation is the process of a business going paperless. Converting your contracts and fax documents to digital format is one way to improve productivity, reduce waste and store files digitally. We can help you transform your paper files to digital format as well as convert your analog fax to a VoIP fax so that you can automatically receive fax documents as digital files in PDF format.