Redefining Unified Communications
VoIP provider serving Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire


Why Cove Central?

Customer Service

Cove Central is re-defining unified communications. While we are resellers of award-winning vendors, we listen to the needs of our customers. If there are features not offered by our vendors, we work to locate new vendors and integrate other offerings to create a package that meets our customers’ needs. As these integrated services are only offered by us, we will stand by our promise to deliver unique products, and the ongoing service necessary to support them.


As Cove Central’s VoIP network uses the nation’s largest underlying communications network made especially for real-time communications, this means we can offer more directly connected calls, tighter security, and cost savings that will benefit your business. Our network also includes redundancy in 154 data centers in the US with access up to 52 million phone numbers.

Premium Routing

To address the needs of our customers requiring urgent communications, we’ve carefully selected a network to provide premium routing to include:

  • Nationwide 9-1-1 Routing

  • Mobile-ready 9-1-1

  • Enterprise 9-1-1 to deliver pinpoint location accuracy

  • automated location provisioning and address validation

  • Two-way messaging solutions for on-demand applications and collaboration apps

  • SMS and MMS-enabled phone numbers, ready for next-generation business communications

  • Business text messaging to and from any mobile to any Cove Central DID