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HyBrid Solutions

Many large organizations are stuck with proprietary and legacy systems that are difficult to expand, scale or connect to a much larger network, especially when looking for a cost-effective solution. In addition, with the emergence of remote staffing and mobile technologies, designing a custom infrastructure with hybrid solutions, has become an effective way to connect legacy systems with new technologies at a fraction of the cost of an all-new system.

Whether you’re trying to connect your legacy phone system to an IP network, or want a dedicated PBX on your premises using wireless connections, we provide various hybrid solutions customized to every need of any customer.


Cove Central installs and supports WiFI networks for businesses of all sizes

Wireless can be installed as the primary or ancillary connection for a hybrid solution. We can help you implement high speed wireless links to connect buildings across a parking lot or across town at speeds up to 10Gbps without the ongoing costs of dark fiber and other dedicated wide area network technologies.

The Ubiquiti UniFi is the revolutionary Wi-Fi system that combines Enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, a central management controller and disruptive pricing. UniFi Access Point indoor models have a sleek design and can be easily mounted to a ceiling tile or wall using the included mounting hardware. UniFi Access Point outdoor models have a form factor built to last outdoors. The Unifi EDU series includes WiFi access points that act as SIP paging endpoints, further converging your communications and data networks.

  • Save money. Save time. - Unlike traditional enterprise WiFi systems utilizing a hardware WiFi Switch, Unifi uses a virtual client/server application that requires zero cost and no additional hardware.

  • Intuitive Software - Install, configure, and manage all of your UniFi Wireless Access Points with the intuitive and easy to learn UniFi User Interface.

  • Powerful Hardware - UniFi Access Points feature the latest in WiFi 802.11 technology -- capable of 10Gbps speeds with ranges up to 500 ft.

  • Expandable - Unlimited Scalability. Build your wireless networks as small or big as you need. Start with one, expand to thousands.